Get Involved

Our staff changes from year to year as students graduating. Therefore, we are always looking for new members to help keep this literary tradition alive.

We organize our members into three roles:
  • Staff Writers - are required to contribute one submission (any kind) to each issue. This helps us keep a consistent amount of content and provides some continuity from issue to issue. The time commitment is however long it takes you to compose your submission for the semester.
  • Editors - should have a strong interest in writing or graphic design, and will get to be involved in the production of each issue of The Sponge.  Editors need to be able to commit ~5 hours per week for three weeks out of each semester.
  • Editor in Chief - runs the show! This position will come up for vote at the end of the spring semester.

Getting involved with The Sponge is an interesting and unique resume item, a relatively small time commitment, a great way to meet like-minded students, and a lot of fun. Your efforts will entertain and stimulate hundreds of your fellow science and engineering students. If you'd like to join our team, just email!