The Sponge

Since 2010, The Sponge has been soaking up and showcasing the diverse creative interests of the science, mathematics, and engineering community at the University of Utah. We believe that art and writing are an essential part of the human experience, even for technical people like ourselves. So, we provide a platform for students to share everything from poems to scientific reviews, short stories to opinion articles, photography to cartoons, all by students, staff, and faculty at the U, and publish everything online here and in print twice per year with funding from the University of Utah Student Media Council.

The Sponge welcomes new staff writers and editors. If you are a science, engineering, or mathematics undergraduate, graduate student, or professor with an interest in writing, editing, or developing layout for a literary publication, join The Sponge today. You can join us as an Editor, Staff Writer, or Contributor, or in some other capacity you would think could help the magazine. Send in your  submissions to along with your name and degree program, unless you would prefer to remain anonymous. Joining The Sponge staff requires a low time commitment (about 5 hours a semester), is a great way to boost your resume by having your work published, and will help to connect you to the science community at the University of Utah. Join today by contacting us at

We are currently looking for submissions for our upcoming Spring 2017 issue: Science will not be silenced. The submission deadline is September 5th. Take a look at our current prompt page for more details. Please email submissions to

Kacey Davis and Jack Veverka 
Co-Editors in Chief
The Sponge