Current Prompt

For the Spring 2017 issue of The Sponge, our theme is Science will not be silenced:  calling for creative submissions (op-eds, poetry, photography, visual art, protest poster designs, etc.) showing how current politics affect you as a participant in the world wide scientific community.

To spur your thinking consider this: From desanctifying natural parks to reducing air pollution restrictions, from suppression of climate change data to invasion of Native American territory, peer-reviewed science and the preservation of nature has been threatened by the short term agendas of politicians.  The only way to combat this oppression is by voicing our scientific priorities, loudly.  We are looking for impassioned op-eds and poetry, exclaiming what we care about and demanding our representatives listen. Images speak as loudly as words, so we also want photographs of nature you love and demand protected, as well as visual renderings of your frustration.  Together we can make science a priority in the political realm.

Submissions that reflect real effort will be printed in our spring issue and published on this website. Email your submissions to by March 31st, 2017.